12-in-1 Doer carries a shed’s worth of power tools in one compact box

We cover quite a few multi-tools here at New Atlas and are continually impressed at how designers can build various implements into a singular package, but few match the size and grunt of the Doer from US startup Stellen. The portable toolbox carries 12 items in all, including quite a number of power tools that would normally call for quite a bit of storage space.

When packed up, the Doer toolbox measures 53 x 25 x 36 cm (21 x 10 x 14 in) and weighs a total of 4.5 kg (10 lb). The company bills the Doer as a toolshed in a toolbox, promising that all the power tools you’ll ever need can be found inside.

So what is in the box? Through a very meticulous design, Stellen has managed to stuff all of the following inside: a hammer drill, drill press, jigsaw, scroll saw, circular saw, table saw, hot wire cutter, table hot wire cutter, table sander, mini lathe, work light and lantern.

All of these fit inside an internal folding bag that fits neatly inside the box, alongside a pair of batteries, a fast-charger and what Stellen refers to as the UniGrip. This is key to the compact nature of the Doer, as the single grip serves as the same handle for every one of the power tools, allowing different attachments to be slotted on to take on different tasks.

But the Doer has a few more tricks up its sleeve. A protractor is onboard to ensure correct cutting angles, and the top surface acts as a stainless steel work table. This can be equipped with tools like the table saw, sander and wire cutter to create a solid working surface. It also has an AC-DC converter that allows the tools to run on mains power when the batteries have run dry.

Stellen is running a Kickstarter campaign to get the Doer toolbox into production, where early bird pledges of US$499 are available for the Doer Basic, which includes a 2-Ah battery and one UniGrip. Pledges of $539 will have a spare UniGip and extra 4-Ah battery thrown in. The company hopes to ship in April 2020 if all goes to plan, and you can check out the pitch video below.