British Jewelry Brand Daisy London Launches In The U.S.

It’s exciting times for Daisy London, the UK-based jewelry brand as they’ve just recently launched in the United States.

Founded in 2009 by Ruth Bewsey, the label is loved for its every day, super sweet jewelry. And now you can now get your hands on their second collaboration collection with Estée Lalonde, entitled ‘Goddess’.

The line is made up of 28 pieces from dainty (designed for layering, to full-on statement), so there’s something to suit your vibe, whatever type of goddess you are.

Ruth Bewsey: As a child, I was always rummaging through my mum’s jewelry box trying on her ’80s clip-on earrings. One Christmas, when I was about 7, Santa bought me my very own jewelry making kit. I used patterned pieces of paper to make beads and then attached the hooks to complete the earrings. I didn’t have my ears pierced at the time, so I would hold them up to my ears and admire my handy work in the mirror. My Mum would very sweetly wear them for me, but never outside of the house.

RB: After graduating in 2009, I was introduced to the founders of Daisy, which had officially launched just a few months prior. I instantly loved everything about the brand and felt a real synergy. I was the right-hand girl to the father-son duo, doing anything and everything that was required to kick start the brand. It took a lot of long hours, endless phone calls, and meetings to get to where we are today, but I couldn’t be prouder.

RB: Simple, easy on the eye with a nod to some of our favorite decades of the past. We try to create jewelry that can be layered and worn every day.

RB: She loves adventure & travel. She finds the beauty in the every day and likes to wear pieces that have a special meaning. Her jewelry is an extension of herself, mixing her style to suit her mood.

RB: Our first ever designs were based on the classic English flower, the Daisy. It’s also where our brand name comes from! We created an initial 100+ piece collection that is still selling today, proving our jewelry to be continuously popular throughout the seasons.

The most personal piece to date was inspired by a necklace my Grandmother left me. A simple flat herringbone snake chain necklace, which we created in collaboration with Estée Lalonde. I remember my Grandma wearing this necklace and I loved the feeling of the chain through my fingers. With its engraved stars all the way around, the simplicity of the necklace is by far one of my favorites.

RB: I work closely with my designer, looking at trends and discussing initial concepts. When we feel like we’re on to something, she explores the theme further, creating our sketched designs. Together we’ll tweak, add and remove, occasionally starting again from scratch, but hopefully finishing with a bank of great designs!

Waiting for the first round of samples is the hardest / most exciting time. As soon as I know they’ve been shipped, I’m tracking the deliveries every move. Seeing the designs come to life is the best part. This is when I’ll start wearing some of the pieces, testing the durability and making sure our customers will relate to the collection. Together we’ll curate the collection and make final amendments.

RB: We work with recycled 925 sterling silver in all our jewelry, nothing less. We choose to use the 18ct gold plate on silver, as the color of the gold gives that gorgeous classic tone without it being too yellow. We’ve used semi-precious stones and crystals in some collections over the years, which also adds a fantastic pop of color and depth.

RB: Since the first sample of the Lunar Lock necklace from our Goddess collection arrived, I haven’t taken it off. I’m loving chunky chains at the moment, so I pair it with others from the collection. I wear them at the same length with every outfit, even my pajamas after a long day.

RB: Right now I want to grow our great team, filling our studio with creative, like-minded people who enjoy collaboration as much as we do. And of course, focus on making our new ‘Goddess’ collection a huge success!

Long term, I want Daisy London to be recognized globally for creating beautiful, long-lasting jewelry, and for Daisy to be the go-to jewelry brand for individuals looking for quality, thoughtful designs. I have spotted people wearing our pieces as far away as India and New York, and would love to see more and more women from around the world enjoying our creations!

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